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"To provide Athletes of all ages an avenue to stay safe and competitive on all fields of play."

Team Athletic Goods, Inc. (TAG) is a sporting goods brand dedicated to providing innovative and high quality athletic equipment, apparel, and uniforms to individuals, teams, and organizations across the world.

For over 35 years, TAG brand has serviced athletes of all ages. It is our commitment to provide superior quality products at affordable prices for players, coaches, athletic directors, and booster clubs. Using a combination of great products and outstanding service, we welcome the opportunity to serve all your athletic needs.

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Established in 1970 by five Midwestern Team Sporting Goods Dealers, Team Athletic Goods, Inc. (TAG), formed as the first team sporting goods buying group in the industry. To support the group, more sales and marketing strategies were introduced and in 1975, TAG produced its first TAG catalog. By the end of the decade TAG hired a management team to direct the future growth strategies.

With its management team in place, the first growth strategy was the development of a member designed and source product under the TAG label. In 1982, the TAG brand was launched with PE equipment, basketballs, baseballs and weight sets. In order to be close to the proximity of the sports accepting this new product, the TAG headquarters moved from Illinois to Eugene, Oregon. Throughout the 80’s, TAG continued to source more branded products and in 1987 developed its first line of football shoulder pads. Today, TAG designs and produces a series of shoulder pads and is one of the largest shoulder pad brands in the United States.

With the onset of the 1990’s, TAG once again moved its headquarters. This time to St. Louis, Missouri, an ideal location to provide centralized warehouse and shipping to all points throughout the United States.

Evolving from a humble sporting goods buying group in 1970, Team Athletic Goods Inc. has launched itself to being a leader in the industry with its exclusive brand of equipment, clothing, and custom uniforms under the TAG label.