I was raised working in my father sporting goods store. I learned a lot about shoulder pads through the reps who sold to my father. In addition, I played and I know how important a shoulder pad is to the player and his position. My son started tackle football in the 3rd grade and I looked around for shoulder pads. I wasn’t thrilled with the lack of options and the cheap quality. Based on my past, I remember TAG so I went to their website. I bought a ALT II 744 Youth Shoulder Pad and was blown away. It was a better should pad than I used in High School. My son who played QB/S used the ALT II 744 for two years when he was 8 & 9 and had no problems. Over time we have bought two pairs of the ALT II 844 he used when he was 10 & 11 and 12 & 13. Again, the best shoulder pad on the market hands down. My father owned a sporting goods business for 48 years. He visited me for Christmas and I showed him the ALT II 844. He was shocked at the level of sophistication for a youth shoulder pad. My son is a QB entering the 9th grade, and we bought the new NEW ALT3-910 Shoulder Pad and like all the others, he loves it. What happened to the ALT II 744 & 844’s he used to wear? I gave them to the QBs of the youth league and their parents thank me every time they see me. Last note about the Tag NEW ALT3-910 Shoulder Pad. His High School Head Coach who played 7 years in the pros looked at this pad and loved it. He said he knew a lot of pro QBs who used TAG shoulder pads and he intends to buy TAG moving forward. Great Company with great people. Thanks!! -Mark Crowl