Good afternoon... My name is Ryan and I just wanted to send a quick email in regard to the excellent service i was given recently at TAG. I initially had some questions about the shoulder pads I wanted to buy, and I made an inquiry through the TAG website. Within a very short amount of time i had a very thorough and well explained answer that made my decision to go ahead and buy a pair of TAG football pads extremely easy. I was extremely happy with the answer I got because not only was it clear and concise, but it was also long (a lot of detail and effort was put into it) Overall I have never experienced the type of spectacular service and relations in my life that I have just recently experienced with TAG. I feel like the employees i dealt with (Tim Loudermilk in particular) really cared about me and wanted what would be best for me. I am extremely impressed with Tim and his excellent skills that he showed me. Being a student in a business school currently, and having a family with members in executive roles with various companies...I know that recognition it a great tool that needs to be used, and I really want Tim rewarded for his efforts. He went above and beyond his job description to offer me the best services available. I want to take this time to recognize him for the amazing job he has done. I will from this day forward be going to TAG with all of my athletic gear purchases, and I will also be letting all the other players on my football team know about the excellent service I received as well. Thankyou for everything, and again I am extremely satisfied and happy with the service I received. I am amazingly impressed with everything, and I cannot say enough good things about Tim and the service I received because of him. Regards, -Ryan Godard