Thanks for stopping by Aeroform and seeing our facility. During your visit, we discussed our concerns with the quality of pitching rubbers we have been using. Pitch Pro has tried about every pitching rubber available with little satisfaction. The biggest issue is longevity. The rubbers we have been using are too soft and I would compare them to a pencil eraser. This is baseball… kids wear cleats. The pitching rubber did not match the quality of the rest of them mound. Actually the rubber issues have been a complaint, albeit a small one, from our end users. Those complaints ended earlier this year when you suggested we try the pitching rubber TAG provides. We immediately noticed a difference just taking them out of the bag. The quality of rubber TAG sent us in comparison to the other ones was obvious. Holding one end straight out, our old style would sag dramatically and the TAG rubber… I guess you would say ‘bow’ just a little. Then we tried a simple thumbnail test. The old style would easily flake off easily and the TAG rubber DID NOT! Definitely the TAG pitching rubber is a firmer and harder product.

At Pitch Pro, we build the best portable mound on the market… the numbers say we are probably right. We do not ‘hold back’ on any aspect when producing portable mounds and platforms. From the resins we use to the turf that is on them, TAG can be assured that there is not a better quality material used in the manufacturing of Pitch Pro mounds. We can say that 100% now that we have switched pitching rubbers and are going with TAG. That’s a lot of pitching rubbers. If it’s going on a Pitch Pro Mound… it had better be the best.

Thank you for improving our product.

Gavin Hall

Pitch Pro Mounds

Sales and Distribution Manager