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RIPT 780-2 Shoulder Pad


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Quarter back, Wide receiver, Corner back, Safety

It's here!! TAG's latest innovation in shoulder pad technology with combinations of Curv composite technology, Tepex composite technology and Honey comb TPU material putting player safety first. Introducing TAG RIPT (Resistant impact performance technology) PRO football shoulder pads. The RIPT shoulder pad uses next generation composite materials for the lightest shoulder pads in the market and the highest level of protection from Pro to High School football players giving them the best performance and protection in the market.
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Rib Protector for RIPT Shoulder Pad

Rib Protector for RIPT Shoulder Pad



-Quarter back, Wide receiver, Corner back, Safety.

-Pro Design and light weight (size large 3.9 lbs).

-Curv composite Technology short 3/4 arch, Epaulets, caps and reinforced back plate.

-Unique Tepex sub-arch Technology.

-5 Layer Pyramid protection system.

-High energy return small Epaulets and caps.

-Removable Deltoid pads.

-Easy swivel front and back for more mobility.

-Low Profile.

-Stainless Steel hardware.

-Belt and buckle system.

-Aegis anti-microbial protection.

-Liner is machine washable.

-Easy back plate or rib pad hook up system.

-Worn in the NFL.

Football is a dangerous sport which may result in serious injury or even death. Although our equipment is designed to help reduce the risk of such injuries, there is no guarantee that any injury will be prevented by the use of this equipment. Any modification or alternations without the permission of the manufacturer could reduce the protection of this equipment.

TAG accessories are designed to fit TAG equipment for the best protection and performance. The use of third party accessories compromises the quality and protection of TAG equipment. Use of third party accessories on TAG equipment will void the TAG warranty.

curv logo

Sleek lightweight with a modern metallic look, the highly engineered multi-layers of woven fabric in Curv are designed to absorb most of the kinetic energy to dissipate the impact, revolutionizing the way players are protected while pushing performance to the limits.

Level 1 Curv is used in the arch, epaulets and shoulder caps to disperse any impact away from the player thru its multi-layers of fabric.

tepex logo

Whenever lightweight design, stiffness and strength, fatigue resistance and energy absorption are required Tepex is the material of choice.

Level 2 Tepex is used in the sub-arch of the pad to act as a cantilever to push energy back against the impact. Also with its stiffness it helps keep the pad in shape to best fit the player for comfort, mobility and keeping the pad low profile.

honeycomb logo

Honeycomb TPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane core that is welded into multiple honeycomb cells. This design disperses energy and does not break down like traditional foams.

Level 3 Honeycomb is used above the sub-arch to help disperse energy and transfer the energy across the sub-arch making the energy travel over a greater distance.

Level 4 Honeycomb is used here again below the sub-arch in the top of the lining. It is placed in strategic locations across the shoulder to absorb and disperse the remaining energy across the entire shoulder to minimize any remaining energy.

Level 5 Air management adjustable and removable clavicle pad provide the player with extra comfort and giving the final attack on energy by absorbing and dispersing any remaining energy.

SMALL 16"-17" 36"-38"
MEDIUM 17"-18" 38"-40"
LARGE 18"-19" 40"-42"
XL 19"-20" 42"-44"

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